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Dylan riley and Robert Brenner’s ‘Seven Theses on American Politics’, published after the us midterms last winter, has outlasted its immediate occasion in striking fashion. The article sparked a thoughtful, expansive, at times technically intricate debate that has ranged beyond the pages of New Left Review—drawing responses in Jacobin and Brooklyn Rail, spawning Substacks and...

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Notes on Tone

Three American Poets The enigma of courtly love poetry, according to the great mid-century medievalist Hugo Kuhn, is that its restraint transmits across centuries a sense of the existential terror and compensatory joie de vivre that must have characterized life in the Middle Ages. In their utterances of love, these formulaic, strangely contentless verses register...

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Party and State in China

‘The party’s strength comes from organization.’ —Xi Jinpingfootnote1 That the people’s Republic of China is led by the Chinese Communist Party is a truth universally acknowledged. Yet the modalities of this leadership—the organizational underpinnings of the party-state complex and their political significance—are rarely discussed, outside highly specialized circles. Party and state are typically assumed to...

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